How to Calculate Your UNN Post-UTME Screening Score [2023/2024]

UNN Post-UTME Result Slip
UNN Post-UTME Result Slip

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) admission screening method for the 2023–2024 session is online screening.

This implies that a candidate’s aggregate score will now be based on the JAMB UTME score and UNN screening score.

This page will show you the procedure that will be used to calculate the UNN screening score and aggregate score.

UNN Post-UTME Result Slip
Picture of UNN Post-UTME Result Slip

The aggregate score is the final score that will be used for admission.

Each department will release its cut-off mark (i.e., their minimum aggregate score), and if you meet it, you will be offered admission.

  • A1-72
  • B264
  • B3-56
  • C4-48
  • C540
  • C6-32
  • D7-0
  • E8-0
  • F90

The highest point is 72 which is for A1, the next point is gotten my subtracting 8. For example;

  • 72-8 = 64.
  • 64-8 = 56.
  • 56-8 = 48.
  • 48-8 = 40.
  • 40-8 = 32.

How to Calculate UNN Post-UTME Screening Score

Get Your SSCE Result Grades

First of all, you will have to obtain your SSCE (either WAEC or NECO) Result Grades for you will make use of it during the calculation.

Add your four preferred UTME subjects

In this step, you will have to add all the four subjects your offered during your JAMB examination.
For example, if you offered mathematics, use of english, chemistry, & biology; you will have to add them up based on the scores matched to them above.

Then add 40 to it

You’ll have to add forty (40) to the score you got from above if and only if your SSCE Result is a first sitting result.

Add it to your JAMB score

After you’ve added 40 to the score from step 2, you will have to add the answer gotten to your JAMB score, and then follow the last step below.

Mutiply your JAMB Score by 80%

Here, you will mutiply your JAMB score gotten from JAMB portal by 80% or 0.8; eg. 280 * 0.8 = 224.

Mutiply your Post-UTME score by 20%

Here, you will have to multiply your Post-UTME score gotten from step 3 above by 20% or 0.8; eg. 296 * 0.2 = 59.2.

Sum your answers

Finally, sum up the answers from step 5 & 6 above, your final answer is your screening score.

NOTE: The 40 points are for one sitting only.

Also, for your information, whenever you see a score stated as the cut-off mark for a course, you should know that they are referring to the aggregate score, which I have explained above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for UNN Post-UTME Results

What is UNN Post-UTME?

UNN Post-UTME is a screening exercise conducted by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, to assess and select candidates who have applied for admission into the institution.

How can I check my UNN Post-UTME result?

To check your UNN Post-UTME result, visit the official UNN website and go to check post-UTME result using your registration number only. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to view your result.

When is the UNN Post-UTME result usually released?

The release date of UNN Post-UTME results may vary from year to year. It’s best to check the official UNN website or contact the university for the most up-to-date information.

What do I need to check my result online?

You will need your JAMB registration number you used during the registration process.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

If you forget your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” option on the UNN portal. You’ll receive instructions to reset your password through your registered email address.

Is there a specific time when results are available for viewing?

Results are often available online for an extended period, and there is no specific viewing time. You can check your result at your convenience within the provided timeframe.

What should I do if I have trouble accessing my result?

If you encounter difficulties accessing your result, contact the UNN admission office or technical support for assistance.

Are UNN Post-UTME results sent via SMS or email?

UNN Post-UTME results are typically not sent via SMS or email. You are expected to check your result on the university’s official website.

Can I recheck or request a re-evaluation of my result?

UNN Post-UTME results are usually final. However, if you suspect an error, you can contact the university’s admission office to inquire about the process for result verification.

How do I prepare for UNN Post-UTME if I want to improve my score next time?

To improve your score, focus on your study techniques and time management. You can also consider seeking guidance from experienced teachers or preparing with UNN’s official recommended materials.

What is the pass mark for UNN Post-UTME?

The pass mark for UNN Post-UTME can vary from year to year. It is best to check the specific pass mark for the year you applied.

How is the UNN Post-UTME score calculated?

The calculation of UNN Post-UTME scores may vary from year to year, and the university determines the scoring system. Check the official UNN website for details.

What happens after I check my UNN Post-UTME result?

After checking your result, the next steps will depend on whether you meet the admission criteria. If you qualify, you will proceed with the admission process as directed by the university.

How to Get Your JAMB Exam Slip in 2024

To sum it up, a lot of people do wonder, “Do I still have hope if my aggregate score is low? Sure, do not worry quite yet; as of this writing, the UNN departmental cutoff marks have not been announced, so there is still a chance. Furthermore, Enugu State’s departmental cutoff mark differs from Delta State’s. Whether your state departmental cutoff mark is low or high, it might not matter whether he scored high and you scored low. When discussing the merit admission list, catchment region, state, and school cutoffs are all included.

Thetrust Media wishes you a happy matriculation in advance.

For the most current and detailed information regarding UNN Post-UTME results, always refer to this website or the official University of Nigeria, Nsukka website or contact their admission office.

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