“Person go die inside pot,” a netizen reacts as another chef grooms to cook for 140hrs 20 mins after the ongoing cook-a-thon in Ekiti State.

Reactions trailed on social media as another Nigerian chef, Prince Temitope Adebayo, known as Tope Magie, is preparing to cook for 140 hours and 20 minutes after an ongoing cook-a-thon in Ekiti State.

Thetrust Media recalls that chef Hilda Baci, who is widely known for breaking the world Gusiness record for longest cooking hours, surpassed the prior record kept by an Indian chef, Lata Tondon, on May 11, 2023, at the Amore Gardens in Lagos State.

Within a month of her euphoria, Nigerian chef Dammy from Ekiti State, on an ongoing cook-a-thon, has scheduled to break the record and set a new record by cooking for 120 hours.

Expeditiously, another chef, Prince Temitope Adebayo, has declared his engrossment to step it up to 140 hours and 20 minutes after the ongoing cook-a-thon in Ekiti State. His attempt date is November 20, 2023, in Ibadan.

This triggered a lot of reactions from netizens after Chef Prince declared his attention.

Reactions Below:

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