The Wall I Have Built -UdySylva

The Wall I Have Built By UdySylva
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The Wall I Have Built By UdySylva

Yes, it’s true, I may seem cold as stone,
Especially towards you, I must confess.
I’ve always admired boldness, yet feared its power,
Those boys who compare women to exoti* fruits,
Their immaturity and insecurities are clear,
I relish their stumbling, their uncertain glances,
As they struggle to decipher the expressions on my face,
Their cowardice only accentuates my own boldness,
And assures me I’ll never like them.

But then come the others, strutting like peacocks,
Spewing a thousand falsehoods to impress,
Exposing overblown muscles, winking incessantly,
Attempting to project a dominance they call alpha,
Yet I appreciate their efforts, as they strengthen my resolve,
To resist their charms and remain unswayed.

Yet you, my dear, defy these categories,
Causing turmoil in my carefully arranged mind.
Your words flow effortlessly, unashamed of eloquence,
Fierce and gentle, embodying all I desire.
I am on guard, fearing your promises may come true,
You once vowed to capture my heart in two years,
Such declarations unsettle me, disrupt my control,
But I am determined to resist your advances.

Here I stand, behind a towering wall,
As high as the legendary Tower of Babel,
In another world, perhaps, I’d be drawn to you,
But in this world, I shall never allow it.


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