Toyota plans to launch next-gen battery electric vehicles in 2026

Toyota logo
Toyota logo

Toyota, a Japanese automobile company, announced on Tuesday its intention to introduce the world to the next generation of battery-electric automobiles.

In 2026, the whole BEV lineup is expected to debut. The car manufacturer stated that its BEV manufacturing will supply 1.7 million of the total 3.5 million cars by 2030.

The company aims to reach a 1,000-kilometer vehicle cruising range using technologies including the combination of next-generation batteries with acoustic technology.

Takero Kato, BEV Factory President at Toyota, said: “The next-generation battery EVs will adopt new batteries, through which we are determined to become a world leader in battery EV energy consumption.

“With the resources we earn, we will improve our product appeal to exceed customer expectations and secure earnings.


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