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Are you trying to find the ZIP code or Postal code for Zamfara State? If so, you are on the appropriate page. The ZIP code for Zamfara State can be found here.

When completing an online form, it’s frequently necessary to input your zip or postal code! The main reason they ask for your postal or zip code is to help them locate you, confirm it, sort your mail, and figure out how much postage is required for your deliveries.

The Zamfara State Postal Service (NIPOST) assigns 6-digit numbers to the state, which are contained in the postal or zip codes. You should be aware that every local government area (LGA) in Zamfara State, as well as occasionally a district or ward, has a different postal code; choosing the proper one will make it easier for people to find and connect with you.

This suggests that not all local government areas, districts, or wards in Zamfara State utilize the standard postal code. To ensure you are providing the correct information, find and utilize the particular one given to your LGA, ward, or district.

Be informed that a postal code may also be referred to locally in some English-speaking nations as a postcode, postcode, PIN, or ZIP code.

As a result, there are three groups of persons that might seek for the Zamfara State Postal/Zip Code:

  • Those who don’t know what a postal code means
  • Those who know what a postal code means but don’t know the code for their location, and lastly,
  • Those who know what a postal code means and also know the code for their location but are unsure and need to check for certainty

You will undoubtedly discover what you’re looking for here today, regardless of the category to which you belong!

List of Zamfara State Postal/Zip Codes 

Below is the list of postal/Zip codes for all the places in Zamfara State;


  • Emir’s Palace — 860211
  • Ungumar Dawaki — 860271
  • Janyau — 860272
  • Tudun Wada — 860231
  • Magaji — 860241
  • Bye Pass — 860242


  • Emir’s Palace — 882212
  • Gen Hospital — 882271
  • Fed. Poly technic — 882231
  • Shiyar Mai Jubbu — 882241
  • Post Office — 882261
  • Kofar Kwatar Kwashi — 852211
  • Lungun Galadima — 882221
  • Hakimi Dan Hassan — 882285
  • Shiyar Dan Galadima — 882282
  • Shiyar Limanchi — 882281
  • Shiyar Sarkin Baura — 882284
  • ShiyarWali — 882283,
  • Tsohuwar Kasuwa — 882214

FAQs on Zamfara State Postal Code

What is a Postal Code?


A postal code is a group of numbers, letters, or both that aids in the delivery and sorting of mail. It functions as your local address. Therefore, the postal code ensures that whatever you send gets to the appropriate location.

Why Do I Need to Know the Postal Code of Zamfara State?


Knowing the postal code for Zamfara State is important for a lot of reasons. It helps in faster mail delivery, fills out forms online, and sometimes, you need it for validation purposes like with online registrations.

Are All Postal Codes in Zamfara State the Same?


No, they’re not the same. Different areas in Zamfara State have their unique postal codes. Each one is specific to its area, and that’s what helps in sorting mail correctly.

Is a ZIP Code the Same as a Postal Code?


Well, sort of, but not exactly. ZIP codes are used in the United States while postal codes are what we use here in Nigeria. They serve the same purpose, but they’re not interchangeable.

What Happens If I Use the Wrong Postal Code?


Using the wrong postal code could slow down your mail or even send it to the wrong place. So it’s crucial to use the correct one to make sure whatever you’re sending gets to its destination as it should.

Can Businesses Benefit from Knowing the Postal Code?


Absolutely! Businesses can use postal codes to target local customers, deliver goods, and even analyze market trends. It’s super useful for things like local SEO too.

How Often Do Postal Codes Change?


It’s pretty rare for postal codes to change, but it can happen, especially if a new area is developed or an old one gets restructured. If there’s a change, the postal service will usually let people know.

Is Knowing My Postal Code Enough for Receiving International Mail?


Knowing your postal code is a good start, but for international mail, you’ll also need to provide additional details like the country code (for Nigeria it’s NG), city, and sometimes even a specific street address.

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