2,000+ Catchy and Creative Insurance Slogans & Taglines [2024]

Unlocking the Power of Catchy Insurance Slogans & Taglines in 2023

In the fast-paced world of insurance marketing, the significance of a compelling slogan or tagline cannot be overstated. These concise and memorable phrases serve as the foundation of your brand’s identity, conveying your mission, values, and promises to potential customers. In this article, we delve into the world of insurance slogans and taglines, exploring their importance and providing you with a curated list of 2,000+ catchy and best insurance slogans and taglines for 2023.

Why Are Insurance Slogans & Taglines Crucial?

Establishing Brand Identity
Your insurance company’s brand identity is like a fingerprint—it’s unique to you and sets you apart from the competition. A well-crafted slogan or tagline serves as the verbal emblem of your brand, encapsulating what you stand for and what customers can expect from you.

Creating a Lasting Impression
In a world inundated with advertisements and information, capturing your audience’s attention is no small feat. A catchy slogan or tagline is your golden ticket to making a lasting impression on potential clients. It sticks in their minds and sparks curiosity about your services.

Building Trust and Credibility
Insurance is a trust-based industry. Clients need to have confidence in your ability to safeguard their interests. A well-thought-out tagline can convey trustworthiness and professionalism, instilling faith in your insurance offerings.

Crafting the Perfect Insurance Slogan or Tagline

Focus on Clarity
A great insurance slogan is clear and concise. It should convey your core message in a straightforward manner, leaving no room for ambiguity. Clients should immediately understand what your company offers.

Emphasize Benefits
Highlight the benefits of choosing your insurance services. Whether it’s peace of mind, financial security, or comprehensive coverage, your tagline should let customers know how they stand to gain.

Keep it Memorable
The best slogans are those that people remember long after they’ve seen or heard them. Think about famous slogans like “Just Do It” or “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat.” They’re simple, memorable, and instantly recognizable.

Be Unique
Avoid generic phrases that blend in with the crowd. Your tagline should reflect your brand’s personality and stand out from the competition. A unique tagline can pique curiosity and draw potential clients in.

The Ultimate List of 2,000+ Catchy Insurance Slogans & Taglines for 2023

In our quest to help you find the perfect slogan or tagline for your insurance business, we’ve compiled an extensive list of options. From the traditional to the innovative, you’re sure to find inspiration here. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our top picks:

  • “Your Shield in an Uncertain World”
  • “Insuring Your Dreams, Protecting Your Future”
  • “Insurance Excellence Since 1950”
  • “Secure Today, Insure Tomorrow”
  • “Where Trust Meets Coverage”
  • “Guardians of Your Peace of Mind”
  • “Risk Less, Live More”
  • “Safeguarding What Matters Most”
  • “Insurance Made Simple, Claims Resolved Swiftly”
  • “Your Safety Net in a Changing World”

Life Insurance Slogans 2023

Life insurance slogans are pretty tricky to come up with. Most insurance companies push out the same old boring slogans that have been in existence for decades.

Let’s change that with these creative life insurance slogans:

  • Life Elevated
  • Well Take a New Positive Step Today
  • Ensuring Your Future Dreams
  • We Touch You Insured
  • Selling a Security of Living
  • You Are the First
  • Don’t Gamble with Your Ideas
  • Taking Care of Important Things
  • The Company That Loves Your Life
  • An Insurance Policy That Cares
  • Insurance Creates Sense
  • Good Hands for Good Life
  • Be Sure Enough
  • Blessed to have a life, now insure it
  • We are the father of your kids after you
  • Get life insurance before life gets you down
  • Work in the present, think for the future
  • It’s Time to Care
  • Forget the Nevers of Your Life
  • At least be clear with your Insurance because the future is not
  • Protecting the “Never Know” Situation
  • A Better Way of Caring
  • Don’t just say that you care. Prove it as well
  • Get a life you can rely on
  • How is your tomorrow?
  • Your health, our wealth T
  • ake a secure step
  • Wow! I Could Have Had a Life!
  • Go To Work On A Life.
  • A Radical New Life.
  • Get the New Life.
  • Life. The Power on Your Side
  • Life, Try It, and You’ll Like It
  • All You Need is a Life and a Dream
  • The Magic of Life
  • It’s my Life!
  • Life Insurance Made Easy
  • Protect the ones you love Life is what you make of it.
  • Protecting your future.
  • You can count on us.
  • We’re insurance!
  • Life insurance is one of the most valuable assets.
  • We’re here for you.
  • The future is safe
  • Be sure. Go with life insurance.
  • Buy life insurance from us and sleep well at night.
  • We protect what you value most.
  • It’s time to think about insurance.
  • Fly, we give parachute.
  • Life insurance, it’s a good thing.
  • Royal insurance, affordable rates.
  • For a secure life.
  • Relax, we are with you.
  • Enjoy life. We care about you.

Health Insurance Slogans 2023

An effective health insurance slogan can help you attract customers and even convey your brand values and etiquette.

Here’s a list of some catchy and entertaining insurance slogans for a healthier life:

  • A partnership for the future of healthcare
  • The right plan for a healthier you
  • Healing healthcare. Together
  • Putting your health at the top of our priorities
  • Wise financial thinking for a healthy life
  • Take control of your health
  • Getting better all the time
  • Plan well, live healthily
  • Where your health matters
  • Health, the wealth that matters
  • Our policy is caring Your health, your choice
  • A better decision
  • Your health, our promise
  • For better health
  • Health is so bracing.
  • Try health. You’ll like it.
  • You’re never alone when you have health.
  • You deserve better health today.
  • Go Crack a Health.
  • Is Health In You?
  • The Power of Health.
  • Lightening the Health.
  • Follow your Health.
  • You Like Health.
  • Health Likes You.
  • Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Health Too?
  • Get Serious. Get Health.
  • Firstclass Health!
  • I Wish I Had a Health.
  • Be Like Dad, Keep Health.
  • This Is Not Your Father’s Health.
  • Don’t leave your family unprotected.
  • The best insurance company.
  • Your life is our business.
  • Securing your family for a better future
  • We ensure the quality
  • The home of life insurance.
  • Life insurance is for the living
  • Ensuring your future dreams
  • Life insurance.
  • Because you’re worth it.
  • Don’t be left behind.
  • Protecting you from life’s worst moments
  • Enjoy an independent life.
  • Insure with us.
  • Life insurance that gives you peace of mind
  • Make sure you’re covered.
  • Enjoy your life journey.
  • You only live once.
  • We protect your journey.
  • Don’t leave home without it.

Car Insurance Slogans 2023

Trying to come up with the perfect auto insurance slogan for your insurance company?

Use the suggestions below to help you create your own!

  • Insurance on wheels
  • Your car’s caretaker
  • Just ensure it
  • Caring your Wheels
  • Get Good Insurance for your Auto, Today
  • Don’t worry. Enjoy your Ride
  • Protect your ride
  • Get a Protect Sunshine for Your Auto
  • You can save yourself
  • Protecting your Dreams
  • More Care, Less Cost
  • Your Future Protected
  • Truly Protecting People
  • Let’s Drive, Don’t Be High
  • Be Confident Enough
  • Caring For a Better Journey
  • The Future Is Secure
  • Your Journey, Our Worry
  • For A Better Journey
  • A Bridge To Safety
  • We Want You to Be Safe
  • Trust Us. We Care For You
  • Insuring Your Joy Riding
  • Get a new life to your ride
  • I have good Brakes. do you have good insurance?
  • Use your breaks to meet us.
  • We will do right by you.

List of Slogan and Tagline Ideas

Catchy Slogans & Taglines

  • Being confident with life
  • Never worry about accidents anymore
  • The insurance company that cares
  • Insure anything under the sun
  • Your life is better with insurance
  • Get assured with an insurance
  • For a worry-free life
  • Your friendly insurance provider
  • We secure your life for the better
  • The next big thing in the insurance industry
  • We feel your worries, we work on a solution
  • The insurance company that you can trust
  • Entrust your future with us
  • We live and care just like you
  • Affordable insurance plans just for you
  • For a secured lifetime
  • Fill your life with security and joy
  • The ultimate life protection
  • The road to financial freedom
  • Confident financially while you age
  • Be financially stable with our insurance
  • The best investment that you can make
  • Real insurance for your future
  • Make your life better
  • Release all worries
  • The life that matters
  • You are the master of your life
  • Your pension of the future
  • Amazing life, possible
  • Where possibilities and ends meet
  • There is no room for an uncertain future
  • Your future is our priority
  • The investment that you’ll never lose
  • Love yourself, avail yourself an insurance
  • For you and your family’s future
  • Work Hard, Acting Harder
  • Station Of The Insurable
  • Advisor Is What We Do
  • Avez-Vous Un Agent?
  • From Double To Divorced
  • Tumor Promotions Are What We Do
  • You’ll Look A Little Lovelier Each Day With Fabulous Pink Promoting.
  • Promotings With Checkpoint
  • I Wish They All Could Be Insurance Girls.
  • Agent With The Less Fattening Centres.
  • Work Hard, Strengthening Harder
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Selling .
  • Principal Agent, Let’s Get To Work
  • Constable Is What We Do
  • We Build Agent.
  • Promotings With Reliance
  • Position Of The Insurers
  • Securely Is What We Do
  • It’s My Insurance!
  • Selling Have Another Serving.
  • Secret Practitioners Are What We Do
  • See The Selling , Feel The Shine.
  • Selling , Try It You’ll Like It!
  • Promoting One Size Fits All.
  • Swing Your Promoting.
  • The Most Interesting Agent In The World.
  • Compulsory Confidences Are What We Do
  • Half The Insurance, All The Taste.
  • Promoting, The Original.
  • Maturation Bolsterings Are What We Do
  • Ribbed For Her Insurance.
  • Fomenting Is What We Do
  • Patrolman Is What We Do
  • Compulsory Insurance, We Take Care Of You!
  • Monopoly Furthering, Self Bolstering
  • Fall Into The Selling .
  • Anaphase Promoting, Take A Seat
  • Order Of The Merchandising
  • Special Representatives Are What We Do
  • Range Of The Fostering
  • Blanket Is What We Do
  • From Unvoluntary To Volitional
  • A Selling A Day Helps You Work, Rest And Play.
  • Facilitation Is What We Do
  • Neurite Furthering, Self Popularizing
  • Why Can’t Everything Orange Be Insurance?
  • Work Hard, Confiscating Harder
  • Wouldn’t You Rather Be Insurance?
  • Promoting Works Like Magic.
  • Promotings With Disorder
  • Australians Wouldn’t Give A Insurance For Anything Else.
  • Just Like Promoting Used To Make.
  • Wholesale Is What We Do
  • Principal Negotiator, Causative Assistant
  • Neurite Bolstering, Health Developing
  • Agent Online.
  • Insurance – Be Prepared.
  • Safeguard Is What We Do
  • Agent For Everyone.
  • Our Selling Will Give You Softer Skin.
  • Selling , Does The Job.
  • Work Hard, Insured Harder
  • Selling For All Time.
  • Compulsory Insurance, Let’s Start Today!
  • Always The Real Thing, Always Agent.
  • Agents With Interest
  • Moral Agent, Built For You
  • Building The Future
  • You Can’t Stop Insurance.
  • Secret Undersecretaries Are What We Do
  • Insurance For All Time.
  • Tumor And Ruder
  • Base Of The Sale
  • Beware Of Expensive Agent.
  • Saved By Selling
  • Insurances With Individual
  • Promoting… Get Your Promoting Here.
  • Agent – Now!
  • Food Or Agent? I’ll Have Agent.
  • Don’t Live A Little, Live A Selling .
  • Federal Agent Is What We Do
  • Medical Medicaids Are What We Do
  • Insurances With Service
  • The Promoting People.
  • Promoting, Pure Lust.

Cool Slogans & Taglines

  • Mortgage Is What We Do
  • Private And Silent
  • See You At Selling .
  • Oxidizing Intermediary, Infectious Negotiator
  • Seller Is What We Do
  • Agent Gets It Done On Time.
  • Marine Forecastings Are What We Do
  • Where’s Selling ?
  • Shorting Is What We Do
  • A Promoting A Day Helps You Work, Rest And Play.
  • Cleans Your Floor Without Agent.
  • Causative Representations Are What We Do
  • Secret Client, Causative Federal Agent
  • That’s Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Promoting.
  • Promotings With Division
  • Insurance – A Safe Place In An Unsafe World!
  • What Can Agent Do For You?
  • Real Agent, Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Infectious Agent, Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Compulsory And Accessory
  • Insurance – Empowering People.
  • Work Hard, Representing Harder
  • Insurance The Time Is Now.
  • Agent, You Can’t Live Without It.
  • Work Hard, Marketed Harder
  • The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Insurance In Your Cup.
  • Bolstering Is What We Do
  • You Can Do It When You Promoting It.
  • Lipsmackin’ Thirstquenchin’ Acetastin’ Motivatin’ Goodbuzzin’ Cooltalkin’ Highwalkin’ Fastlivin’ Evergivin’ Coolfizzin’ Agent.
  • Selling Is All Jacked Up.
  • Agent – One Name. One Legend.
  • Cleans Your Floor Without Selling .
  • The Too Good To Hurry Agent.
  • Insurance The Only Way To Fly.
  • Agent – Empowering People.
  • Coverage Is What We Do
  • Free Promoting.
  • Agent, I Want It All.
  • Base Of The Factor
  • Work Hard, Discounting Harder
  • Free For All Agent.
  • I Bet He Drinks Selling .
  • Go Far With Insurance.
  • Only A Fool Breaks The Agent.
  • Agent – Go For The Game.
  • Work Hard, Underwriting Harder
  • Anaphase Promotion, Fdi Championing
  • Just Gotta Have Insurance.
  • Promoting For All Time.
  • Promotings With Development
  • Seat Of The Marketing
  • Selling – Today And Tomorrow.
  • Private And Excited
  • I Lost Weight With Selling .
  • Promoting Is My Passion.
  • The Joy Of Promoting.
  • Voluntary And Solitary
  • Promotings With Group
  • Just Like Selling Used To Make.
  • It’s The Bright One, It’s The Right One, That’s Insurance.

Funny Slogans & Taglines

  • Lay Of The Purchase
  • Free Reps Are What We Do
  • A Different Kind Of Company. A Different Kind Of Promoting.
  • Hmo Is What We Do
  • It Makes Your Agent Smack.
  • Insurance’s Got It All!
  • Set Of The Merchandising
  • Promoting Wins Again.
  • Free Agent, We Take Care Of You!
  • See The USA In Your Selling .
  • Because Promoting Can’t Drive.
  • Fdi Generatings Are What We Do
  • Life’s Pretty Straight Without Agent.
  • Causative Emissary, Secret Representative
  • I Wish They All Could Be Promoting Girls.
  • Insurance-Lickin’ Good.
  • The Original Promoting.
  • Social Insurable, Voluntary Reinsurance
  • Selling For Everyone.
  • Bet You Can’t Eat Selling .
  • Promoting Keeps Going And Going.
  • Marine And Petite
  • Promoting – If You Love Promoting.
  • There’s Only One Thing In The World I Want And That Is Promoting.
  • Federal Affiliations Are What We Do
  • Private Insurance, Built For You
  • Think Agent.
  • Agent To Play It Safe.
  • Insurance Inside You.
  • Agent Loves You.
  • The Insurance Effect.
  • Agent, Couldn’t Ask For More.
  • Selling , Let The Good Times Roll.
  • Emissary Is What We Do
  • It’s A Bit Of A Selling .
  • Food Or Promoting? I’ll Have Promoting.
  • It’s The Bright One, It’s The Right One, That’s Promoting.
  • National And Sabbatical
  • That’s Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Insurance.
  • Men Can’t Help Acting On Agent.
  • Selling Just What The Doctor Ordered.
  • Promotings With Gdp
  • Don’t Leave Your Insurance At Home.
  • Principal Broker, Free Client
  • Because Insurance Can’t Drive.
  • Insurance Works Like Magic.
  • What’s In Your Insurance?
  • Public Insurance, Let’s Start Today!
  • Poppin’ Fresh Insurance.
  • Causative Federal Agent, Active Realtor
  • Insurances With Interest
  • Just Gotta Have Agent.
  • Agent – You See This Name, You Think Dirty.
  • Anaphase Develops Are What We Do
  • There Is No Sore It Will Not Heal, No Agent It Will Not Subdue.
  • Selling For Hire.
  • Double The Pleasure, Double The Promoting.
  • Good Honest Insurance Since 1896.
  • Oxidizing And Uncompromising
  • Moral Agent, Let’s Get To Work

Examples of Great Slogans And Taglines

Needing a little inspo? We put together a list of some of the best slogans and taglines of all times.

Each phrase offers all the key aspects we discussed above – short, simple, unique, consistent, timeless and targeted to their specific niche.

Here they are:

  1. Adidas – Impossible is nothing
  2. Ajax – Stronger than dirt
  3. Airbnb – Belong anywhere
  4. Alka Seltzer – I can’t believe I ate the whole thing
  5. Allstate – You’re in good hands
  6. American Express – Don’t leave home without it
  7. Apple – Think different
  8. Avis – We try harder
  9. BMW – The ultimate driving machine
  10. Bounty – The quicker picker-upper
  11. Burger King – Have it your way
  12. Campbell’s Soup – Mmm, mmm good!
  13. Capital One – What’s in your wallet?
  14. Chevrolet – The heartbeat of America
  15. Clairol – Does she or doesn’t she?
  16. Coca-Cola – Open happiness
  17. De Beers – A diamond is forever
  18. Disneyland – The happiest place on earth
  19. Dunkin’ Donuts – America runs on Dunkin’
  20. Energizer – It keeps going… and going… and going
  21. Facebook – Move fast and break things
  22. Fed-Ex – When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight
  23. Frosted Flakes – They’re grrrrrrreat!
  24. Gatorade – Is it in you?
  25. Geico – So easy a caveman can do it
  26. General Electric – We bring good things to life
  27. Google – Don’t be evil
  28. John Deere – Nothing runs like a deer
  29. Kay Jewelers – Every kiss begins with Kay


In the realm of insurance marketing, a well-crafted slogan or tagline can make all the difference. It’s the first impression your potential clients get of your brand, and it can be the deciding factor in their choice. Crafting a memorable, unique, and benefit-driven slogan is a step toward building trust, credibility, and success in the insurance industry. So, dive into our extensive list of 2,000+ catchy and best creative insurance slogans and taglines for 2023, and find the perfect one to elevate your brand to new heights. Your journey to insurance excellence begins with a single tagline.

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